Photo Guidelines

Your pet is already stunning so please don’t feel the need to try and hide any perceived flaws in your photo. All our artists need is as much detail as possible so they can get to know your little friend and then get to work in their own unique way.

Here’s a few tips that will point you and the four-legged one in the right direction…

Learn About Lighting

A sunny day or a well lit room make all the difference, whereas a cloudy day or dark shadowing make things difficult for our artists. If in doubt, the more natural light the better.

Get Up Close

A simple close up of your pet is ideal and all they need to be doing is sitting still or standing. Don’t overcomplicate it, just focus on what our artists need.

Focus On Clear Photos

What you see in your photo is what you will see in the finished product. That means if you can’t make out a color or key features, neither can our artists. Take a little time to get the photo just right and you’ll have a masterpiece before you know it.

See the Sample Photos

Take a look at a few of these "before & after" to give yourself a better idea of what our artists need.